Polish Business 2 Business service

Polish Business 2 Business internet website.

The website www.biznes-trader.pl was designed as the online business hub between investors and companies. It helps people to acquire and maintain new contacts in business.

You can present Your current and past activity, services and products to many clients

and potential business parteners.

Our website helps enterpreneurs to:

acquire capital to develop company,

present portfolio of products and services
networking between companies,
acquiring new business leads from other companies,
receive information about business meetings and conferences in Poland sell Your company,
find a place for business meeting and

Thans to our website You can create Your company profile, start adding ads and

register Your company in our business catalog.

You can also place an order that is connected with acquiring residential and commercial real estate. Our website service is a partner of a solid and expierienced real estate brokers agency.

More info about our website You can get at : info@biznes-trader.pl