Investing in Poland

Investing in Poland.


Poland is a unique country located in the heart of Europe. It's an economical bridge between developed Western countries and East Europe. With the population of 38 mln people and area of 320 000 square kilometers is a really strong economy on the continent.

  • Our main advantages are:
  • - strong GDP product
  • - well educated, smart and eager for success labour force,
  • - strong industrial output,
  • - huge domestic market (Polish market is as large as the rest of central European countries all togheter).

Thanks to EU access and gaining international funds Poland realized a lot of infrastructural, science and technological projects. A lot of international corporations from finance, accounting and IT decided to place an affiliate right here. In 2013 year Polan was placed on 14 position as most attractive country in the world (according to UNCTAD survey).


We can offer you an opportunity of investing money in Wroclaw- second largest business center after Warsaw. A place full of young people, great business atmosphere and an innovative procjects.


Wroclaw is a place where a lot of international companies placed an affiliate, R&D or regional accounting center. It draws in people from all country as a good place to live and make a start-up. The neighbourhood of great monuments, good comunication and possibility of development makes Wroclaw especially attractive place in Poland towards people all over the world.

Why You should focus on investment in Poland?

Local labour force is really well educated and able to challenging work (in Poland there is across 500 educational institutions). It is inevitably affordable to Yours business especially if you are working in services dedicated to other companies.

Our real estate market is not very developed in compare to Western countries. Right now You have got an opportunity to invest and buy a profitable real estate in fast developing country. The anticipated rate of retur hesitate from 6% to 10% (in case of commercial market).

In next years (2013-2020) Poland will receive large amount of money that will be spent on infrastructural projects and business suport. Our Special Economic Zones are effectively supporting foreign investors in starting business activity.

Investing in Poland.


Dakid Business Solutions can provide you an access to: - real estate (residential and commercial market / primary and secondary market). Purchased apartments and commercial objects can provide You an additional passive monthly income and additional rate of return.The company work with institutional investors as weel as with private individuals and their attorneys.


We assist our clients in acquiring real estate in local market in the field of residential and commercial market. Investing in Poland can be a great chance to You to locate money in solid and proper assets. Together with our advisors will show You best locations strictly with Your requirements.


Our webstie: was designed as interactive guide on local property market and a place where You can order property search for sale and rent. Be on time with our offers with our company profile on Facebook/Dakid Business. Every year we cooperate with private individuals as well as foreign companies from across four continents. Our firm and direct aproach towards clients allow us to gain refferencess.


If you are looking for brand new, well furnished apartment or profitable real estate for commercial use send us a message at:




More economical data You can find on offical website of National Bank of Poland


Michał Banaszak: 604-978-704. Office phone: +48-71-351-57-19. E-mail:


Michał Banaszak: 604-978-704.
Office phone: +48-71-351-57-19.