Real Estate in Wroclaw - online giude to You.

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Województwo: dolnośląskie
Firma: Dakid Business Solutions
Powiat: m. Wrocław
Miejscowość: Wrocław
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Strona WWW: http://www.inwestycje-wroclaw.pl
Stan produktu: Nowy
dodano: 2016.02.22
ważne do: 2023.01.30
wyświetleń: 111

Szczegóły ogłoszenia:

The website http://www.inwestycje-wroclaw.pl was designed as an online guide that
can help you in real esatate turnover in Wroclaw. We have large expierience
in preparing transaction with domestic and international clients. What You can
find on the comapny website?
  • properties to sell,
  • luxury apartments,
  • commercial objects to sell,
  • architectural projects,
  • developers projects from local real estate market,
We advise our clients in the following aspects:
  • how to safely buy apartment and commercial object in Poland,
  • how to acquire commercial buildings?
  • how to write long term rental agreement?
  • where to find profitable to rent property?
  • finally: how not to loose money in real estate market and multiply income?